Welcome to Priority Zero Gaming!

The enforcement is separated into two categories:

  • Rules - Rules of the community/server, these are Administrator enforced and do result in warnings, ejects, kicks and bans from the Priority Zero Gaming Network & Servers. Rules will always override Laws.
  • Laws - Laws which are provided for your information and should be abided by, failure to do so will result with in-character law enforcement action. Severe breaking of laws may result in Administrator intervention.


Want to discuss, add, modify or remove one of our rules? Discuss it with the community. https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/rulediscussions/

Common Definitions:

  • Player: A player is defined as the OOC controller of a character. A player may have more than one character. Players are subject to OOC rules. Players must always remain OOC, and must keep their OOC emotions from mixing into IC character.
  • Character: A character is defined the playable character whose actions are directly controlled by the Player. Other names for this may be avatar. Characters are subject to IC rules and laws.
  • Megagaming: See roleplay rules.
  • Powergaming: See roleplay rules.